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Minister Fuchs attended the meeting of the Council of Ministers for Competitiveness in Brussels​Professor Radovan Fuchs, PhD, Minister of Science and Education, attended the meeting of the Council of Ministers for Competitiveness in Brussels.  28.09.2021. | News | Priopćenja | Međunarodna suradnja
ESA Information day, 9 September 2021
 Zagreb, Croatia - Following the very successful first call under the European Space Agency (ESA) tender, on Thursday 9 September 2021, an information day of the second national call for project proposals was held.
10.09.2021. | News | Priopćenja | Međunarodna suradnja
New school year begins for 460,000 students, including 37,000 first gradersThe new school year 2021-22 begins on Monday for almost 460,000 elementary and secondary school students across Croatia, including about 37,000 first graders, and all will have face-to-face classes. 07.09.2021. | News from media | Priopćenja | Odgoj i obrazovanje
First demonstration of quantum communication among three states 10.08.2021. | News | Priopćenja | Znanost i tehnologija
Minister Fuchs participated in the informal meeting of ministers responsible for research in SloveniaMinister of Science and Education Prof. Radovan Fuchs, Ph.D. participated in the informal meeting of Ministers responsible for Research held on July 19, 2021, in Kranj, Slovenia. 20.07.2021. | News | Priopćenja | Međunarodna suradnja
The final conference of the SIDERAL project held 14.07.2021. | News | Priopćenja | Visoko obrazovanje
Work on developing recognition of prior learning continued 01.07.2021. | News | Priopćenja | Visoko obrazovanje