State Secretary Šušak attended the meeting of the Council of Ministers for Competitiveness (COMPET) in Brussels

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​The State Secretary in the Ministry of Science and Education, Mr Ivica Šušak, participated in the meeting of the Council of Ministers for Competitiveness in the fields of Research and Space, which took place on December 8, 2023 in Brussels.

At the meeting of the Council of Ministers responsible for research, the Conclusions on strenghtening the role and impact of research and innovation in policy making proceses in the Union were approved that underline the importance of strengthening the role and impact of research and innovation in decision-making processes in the Union and recognise that science-based policy-making processes can improve the quality and coherence of policy initiatives and public policies, and improve citizens' lives and strengthen democracy.

Political agreement was reached on the Council Recommendation on a European Framework to attract and retain research, innovation and entrepreneurial talents in Europe and political debate was held on the subject of Research valorisation as a tool for economic and industrial recovery and resilience. State Secretary stressed the importance of recognizing the valorisation of reserach results for the creation of social and economic value, but also the necessity of cooperation at the level of the European innovation system, national innovation systems and continuous education in order to better understand the process of knowledge valorisation. The importance of effectively transferring the results of research and innovation projects to industry and business was further emphasised.

Finally, a discussion was held at the working lunch on strengthening policies for youth and gender equality in research and innovation, where it was pointed out that Croatia is actively working to reduce gender inequality in science.

The afternoon part of the Competitiveness Council meeting of Ministers responsible for space approved Conclusions on the space traffic management: state of play, that remind us of the importance of space traffic management as well as the development of an approach that will contribute to space security, protection and sustainability. The document further highlights the importance of preserving safe, peaceful and sustainable use and exploration of the space environment for present and future generations.

When exchanging views on the future EU policy on space in a changing world, State Secretary Šušak stressed the importance of coordinated and joint action in the context of discussion on space and space technologies and supported the emphasis on environmental and space sustainability. He further welcomed the dual use of the EU space programme components and the efforts to ensure the technological sovereignty of the Union.

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