EU affairs

The Ministry of Science and Education provides the administrative, technical and financial support for the participation of Croatia in several European programmes. One of the principal aims of the Croatian participation in these programmes is to underpin the integration of the Croatian system of science and education in the European Research Area and the European Higher Education Area.

The cooperation with the European Union in the field of science and education comprises the following programmes, some of which are EU assistance programmes while other are Community programmes or wider European programmes:
  • TEMPUS: support for the reform of the higher education system (curriculum development, functional integration of universities, quality assurance, etc.)
  • CARDS (Community Assistance for Reconstruction, Development and Stabilisation): EU technical assistance for the implementation of major institutional reforms
  • PHARE: pre-accession aid aimed at institution-building and support for the harmonisation of national legislation and practice with EU standards
  • Sixth Framework Programme: multilateral research projects aimed at the integration of research activities in Europe, the strengthening of the European Research Area and a better use of existing research capacities
  • EUREKA: industry-driven research and innovation projects comprising partners from the academia and the private sector
  • COST (Cooperation in Science and Technology): cooperation on projects of mutual interests aimed at creating common European standards
  • INTERREG: multilateral projects aimed at economic and social development of neighbouring countries and regions
  • YOUTH: Community programme aim at supporting youth policies in Europe, youth mobility and its active participation in building Europe.