After a long time the European Commission Report for Croatia without Country Specific Recommendations in the field of education

The latest European Commission report, which proposes to the Council of the European Union to issue specific recommendations to Member States in the implementation of reforms in various areas, brings great news to Croatia in the field of education. For the first time since 2015, Croatia is among several EU Member States without specific recommendations in the field of education.

The report for Croatia highlights, among other things, the importance of digital skills development. It also stressed that the introductionof digital education in Croatia proved extremely important during the crisis. There is a need for further development of infrastructure and digital education materials, as well as increasing digital competences of teachers, pupils, students and adults. This is in line with the Draft Action Plan for Distance Learning in the following school and academic year, elaborated by the Ministry of Science and Education. 
Upon publication of the report Prof. Blaženka Divjak, Minister of Science and Education, emphasized: 'I am glad that the European Commission recognised our efforts in the field of education. Above all, it confirms the good course of education reform that we have introduced into all schools throughout Croatia. This is a great success for the Croatian education system, notably at a time of crisis caused by the pandemic, because Croatia is now at the side of the most developed European countries, such as Finland, France and Estonia. Since its accession to the EU, Croatia received recommendations for education every year except once. The fact that we have not received any recommendation this year is an indicator of the success of education reform.'

The entire report is available at the following link:

Previous recommendations of the European Commission, and the Council of the European Union, respectively, have been focused on adult education and the necessity for implementing the education reform.  

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