Work on developing recognition of prior learning continued

Activities within the Erasmus + project SIDERAL were continued in June 2021 with the aim to support Croatian higher education institutions in developing the systems of recognition of prior learning, with emphasis on recognizing the outcomes of non-formal and informal learning.

Instead of the originally planned study visit to Austria, an online workshop was held on Monday, June 21, with Ms. Christina Paulus from the Vienna University of Natural Resources and Life Science BOKU and Ms. Giselheid Wagner from the Academy of Continuous Education, which primarily deals with experts in andragogy, presenting their own practices in validating learning outcomes acquired through non-formal and informal learning. The workshop was attended by Croatian academics - members of the Working Group for Recognition of Prior Learning and other experts working on the topic.

On Tuesday, June 29, a discussion was held on the first draft of the Guidelines for the Recognition of Prior Learning in Higher Education, a document prepared by the Ministry of Science and Education with support from the aforementioned working group. Ms. Christina Raab from the University of Innsbruck and Ms. Barbara Birke from the Austrian national agency for quality assurance in higher education, AQ Austria, appointed within the SIDERAL project as the document reviewers , started the discussion by briefly presenting the Austrian guidelines they developed for the same purpose for in 2016 as well as their current work on developing recognition of prior learning in Austrian higher education in the light of the recently amended legal framework. They then discussed the draft Croatian Guidelines and gave recommendations for further work. This was followed by a discussion within the working group. It was agreed that the work on the document would continue during the summer with a view to the Guidelines being published during September.

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