The National Group for Enhancing the Social Dimension of Higher Education meets for the second time

The National Group for Enhancing the Social Dimension of Higher Education in Croatia held its second meeting in the new composition on June 18, 2021.

Ms Loredana Maravić, head of the Department for the Strategy and Internationalization of Higher Education, opened the meeting with an update on the current Croatian and European activities regarding the social dimension of higher education. She informed the participants on the process of drafting “Guidelines for Higher Education Institutions’ General Acts on Recognition of Prior Learning” and the “Methodology for Collecting Data on Students’ Personal and Professional Pathways according to their Social and Economic Status“. Ms Maravić also invited the participants to attend the final conference of the SIDERAL (Social and International Dimension of Education and Recognition of Prior Learning) project, scheduled for July 7.

The meeting participants - Group members and Ministry representatives - procedeed with planning the finalisation of the 2019-2021 National Plan for Enhancing the Social Dimension of Higher Education in Croatia. They focused on the evaluation of specific measures and objectives within the Plan’s six key goals. It was decided that the report on the Plan implementation is to be completed by the end of the year so that the Group can start developing the new 2022-2024 plan already in the first quarter of 2022. The Group members agreed to submit proposals, in line with each of their competences, for specific measures and activities, focusing primarily on dealing with the consequences of the pandemic, online teaching and learning, and solving the stoppages in educational provision caused by earthquakes. In addition to that, the Group has decided to invite additional experts to the forthcoming meetings as a support in reporting and planning. These will include stakeholders from the higher education sector who work with specific vulnerable and underrepresented groups of students, as well as representatives from the pre-tertiary educational sectors. The experts are meant to provide deeper insight into what has been done so far, aiming to improve the quality and comprehensiveness of future measures.

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