State Secretary Šušak attended the meeting of the Council of Ministers for Competitiveness (COMPET) in Brussels

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​The State Secretary in the Ministry of Science and Education, Mr. Ivica Šušak, participated in the meeting of the Council of Ministers for Competitiveness in the fields of Research and Space, which took place on May 23, 2023 in Brussels.

At the meeting of the Council of Ministers responsible for research, the Conclusions on high-quality, transparent, open, trustworthy and equitable scholarly publishing were approved and a political debate was held on the subject of knowledge security and responsible internationalisation. The State Secretary pointed out that international cooperation is key to increasing the quality and assessment of research. He also highlighted that Croatia has a long history and very good practice with open science which is set by the new Act on Higher Education and Scientific Activity as a basic principle. In addition to examples of national measures, he also supported a coordinated approach at the Union level.

Finally, a lunch debate on science denial was held where possible measures to overcome the threats of science denial were presented.

In the afternoon part of the meeting of the Council for Competitiveness in the composition of the ministers responsible for space, the Conclusions on the fair and sustainable use of space were approved and the political debate was held on the subject of EU space policy in a new geopolitical landscape.

State Secretary Šušak highlighted the importance of the New Space, especially in relation to the opportunity for the European space sector and is expected to contribute to increased innovation, economic growth and the creation of jobs. He has also emphasized the importance of synergy with all sectors related to space, including defence, telecommunications, and agriculture. 

“It is necessary to increase the complementarity between the relevant EU programmes and instruments, but at the same time preserve the goals of the space programme and the importance of the civilian role in the mentioned programme,” concluded State Secretary Šušak.

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