Minister Fuchs attended the meeting of the Council of Ministers for Competitiveness in Brussels

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​Professor Radovan Fuchs, PhD, Minister of Science and Education, attended the meeting of the Council of Ministers for Competitiveness in Brussels. 

Ministers discussed the future governance and implementation of the European Research Area. Minister Fuchs pointed out how the coronavirus pandemic shown how important science is in solving problems, not only those of one country but in general.The discussion was also around the future policy ideas aiming to harmonize and faciliate the best results that the science could and should achieve in the future. 

In the context of the future of European Research Area, minister Fuchs noted that we need a rational and flexible structure, less administrative burden for Member States, constant dialogue with stakeholders, and an open cooperation with third countries. 

During the meeting, ministers approved the Council conlusions on Global approach to Research and Innovation - Europe's strategy for international cooperation in a changing world. In the afternoon, ministers held an informal exchange over lunch on topic of The Green Transition and the Future of Living: Directionality of R&I, the New European Bauhaus and Missions in Horizon Europe.

Finally, Slovenian delegation and the European Commission presented the state of play of the legislative package relating to European Partnership and the process of associating countries to Horizon Europe programme and Ljubljana Declaration. 


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