Minister Fuchs attended the first meeting of the DONES Steering Committee in Granada

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​The delegation of the Ministry of Science and Education, led by the minister Prof. Radovan Fuchs Ph.D., attended the first meeting of the DONES Steering Committee, in Granada on March 16th 2023. 

The DONES Steering Committee, the highest governing body of the DONES Programme, has agreed to in its first meeting the start of the construction of the IFMIF-DONES scientific infrastructure in Escúzar (Granada). Representatives from 15 EU countries and Japan, as well as from the organisations EURATOM, EUROfusion and Fusion for Energy participated at the meeting in Granada.

A representative of the Ministry of Science and Education has been appointed as a chairman of the highest governing body of IFMIF-DONES, while the secretariat will be provided by the Spanish delegation. The DONES Steering Committee has also agreed with the constitution of the working group that will develop the DONES Programme.

The IFMIF-Dones project includes the construction of a plant in Escuzar, about 20 kilometers from the city of Granada. In the facility, the materials necessary for the construction of the first power plant in the European Union will be tested in which electricity would be produced by means of nuclear fusion, by joining two lighter hydrogen atoms into one heavier one, which releases enormous energy.

"This project is very important for Croatia. A look at the map of Europe, when it comes to fusion, shows that, despite its size, Croatia stands out for the productivity of our scientists and the participation of our companies in jobs related to fusion research, and we can be proud of that, said the Minister of Science and Education, Prof. Radovan Fuchs. The DONES project is proof of the importance that we - in Croatia and Spain - give to the research of sustainable energy sources for the future, and on a bilateral level, it is a great example of cooperation and partnership between our two countries."

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